Other Products

Pro Slicer®

Pro Slicer® is created through combining high-performance liquid deicer to a screened ice melt crystal. Through the use of prewetting technology, each crystal is encapsulated in liquid deicer to give it the high-performance punch of a fast melting liquid deicer and the staying power of granular ice melt. Pro Slicer® is known as the fastest to melt snow and ice and perform to its specifications. Pro Slicer® is a great enhanced salt to use on sidewalks, driveways or any other high, foot traffic areas you need to keep clear.

Salt Brine

Salt brine is the most common economical deicer in use, and SFG’s salt brine is mixed on site and readily available at a moment’s notice. Salt brine is a cost-effective deicing liquid that can be blended with our BEET 55™ and BEET 55™ E to create custom blends that meet your deicing needs.