Take care of your product

Stephen Leeds

March 16, 2016

Posted by Stephen Leeds

The winter looks like is coming to an end except in the northern plains. Here at SFG we are going through our year end procedures by making sure all of you had a great experience with our products and that they helped solve your winter maintenance problems. Just a reminder that if you do have any of our liquid products leftover from this winter that you make sure you agitate for at least an hour or two every 30 days. Another simple way to get Beet 55™ out of your tank for the summer is to spray whatever you have left on to your salt pile. At 5 gallons per ton this will help keep your salt from becoming boulders of the humid summer months and will keep it free flowing when you go to pull from it next winter. Our organic products do not have a shelf life but it will settle out so take action now to keep away the headaches at the start of next year.

One of the big things coming up for the Road Maintenance department is dust control. For those of you that live in Marion, Monroe, Lucas, Warren, and Appanoose counties here in Iowa, check out our website at sfgiowa.com for information about this years dust control. We are currently taking applications for service with the most counties having a deadline of the middle of May. If you do decide to have SFG apply your dust control, please remember to have your flags properly placed at the footage you would like sprayed. We have a electronic monitor which is calibrated at the beginning of each year to guarantee that we are spraying the correct footage asked for. If we spray your footage asked for and it is not the distance of the flags we will stop when we hit that ordered footage. This eliminates the issue of having to go back and contact our customers for the correct payment for the footage designated by the flags. Also, please make sure that your flags are clearly visible. For those of you that leave your flags out year to year, many things could have happened during the fall winter and spring that could have caused your flags to disappear or become damaged. There are replacement flags available at your county shops or at either of the four SFG locations. These are free of charge so please take advantage of this so it can make my life easier when applying your dust control. If you have any questions at any time please give myself, Stephen Leeds, a call so we can provide you with the service you expect.

Thank you to all who ordered product from us this year for your winter maintenance needs and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please give me a call. Although the winter season is over, I travel year round to talk to those who are interested in getting started with our well-known product Beet 55™. To those who are buying our dust control service this year, we at SFG Road Maintenance appreciate your business and look forward to seeing your this summer!

As always, Take care!